Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flip turn exercise

Yesterday sort of got away from me. But today I was good. Nearly right after reading the morning papers I headed down for a spin session. My knee is feeling pretty good, so I was thinking about making it a shorter session, but putting a bit more effort into it. I need to be getting back into more regular sessions for running and biking now, and that means shorter sessions that don't stress my knee. In other words, leave while the leaving is good, or more specifically, stop while my knee could still keep going.

Warmed up 20 minutes, then found a gear where I could maintain 90 rpm with a balance between not working hard enough, and working too hard. This was in the big chainring, and 3rd gear down. 90 rpm is about 25 Kph. I started at one minute on, one minute off, going into the small chainring for the easy part. This was good, so I spent the next 10 minutes going 2 minutes on, one off. That got my breathing up to where I was finally doing a bit of a cardio workout, and the sweat was beginning to run down my face. My knee was fine with this, but I don't think it would have wanted much more. Spent the next 10 minutes doing a bit of easy spin and finding out my knee didn't want to go over 100 rpm, but didn't mind standing up for a short while in a fairly hard gear. Then 10 minutes cool down. My knee is feeling good.

Did some leg exercises, then had Linda video me for the dry land flip turn exercise I'd talked about.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. "And then you only have to do it a million times and then you'll be good."

    Loved the video, I am buying a resistance band this week and doing that exercise!!
    Thanks for posting that Keith!


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