Friday, January 29, 2010

Swim TT, and accidental run TT

Last week I was supposed to do a 1K swim time trial, and was sick. I moved that workout to today, and was hoping for a good swim. Funny how knowing the clock is ticking puts the pressure on. I was hoping to have considerate lane mates, and not be inflicted with some bozo breast stroker.

So there I was, standing in the middle lane. There's a fellow there trying to tell me there's a girl going to join him in that lane, and she swims really fast. I think he was a bit unnerved when I said, good, I'm glad because I want a fast swim, or at least people to stay out of my way. She joins us, verifies what we're doing, and promised to let me through if I caught up, and we start swimming in circles. We were both still warming up and we ran the other guy off. She never passed me, and I think I saw her once at the end of the lane putting on fins or playing with pool toys. It all worked out good.

I'm a little disappointed in my result in that it's about the same pace as the last time I did this some months ago, but not crushed or anything. Then, I had a stellar swim, good water feel, and was almost ready to pass out at the end. Today, I had a so-so swim. It happens. I lost focus in the middle, and lost count of my laps for a while. I even forgot if I'd started at the top or bottom of the clock and that had me all messed up. Still, I got myself sorted out and back on track. At the end I was breathing hard, but I wasn't ready to pass out. I'm pretty sure I can take another second per lap off just by fixing my flip turn.

A bit later I headed out for a run. The plan said to run faster than Wed, and to run like I feel. My thought was to do a short walk and easy run, 10 to 15 minutes or so to warm up, then start the real run on my 5 K loop, then maybe another 3 K to round out the 45 minutes or so. The run started well, even though I wasn't feeling particularly light footed or smooth. Still, I had a half decent stride going, and things felt pretty good. I couldn't really settle into a consistent pace because there's a lot of ice on the sidewalks, and crossing the alleys is a rutted pain in the butt. About 3 K I started feeling it, and dug in. My pace might have slowed a bit, but I hung on and finished the 5 K in 29 minutes exactly. That's huge for me. Ran every easy another 10 minutes to cool down. My legs felt fine with the run, though they were a bit heavy throughout. My breathing was at the top of my aerobic range. I'd like to be able to run this pace and be breathing a bit easier. Still, only 8 months ago, I noted that a 36 minute 5K seemed fast for me.


  1. Wow that 5k time is quick, you're moving right along. Awesome to see dude, keep it up!!

  2. Nice improvement on the 5K time!

  3. What a HUGE improvement!!!!! I am so thrilled for you Keith !! All your hard work and careful attention to your form, etc. is paying off. :) :) GREAT WORK!!! :) :)

  4. "The plan said to run faster than Wed, and to run like I feel."

    What if you feel like running slower than Wed. What then?

  5. Great work there!! Good for you - all that work and focus has DEFINITELY paid off - and will continue to do so :) Yehaaaaa

    PS I did a test this week - a touch and go turn versus a flip turn is about 1.5 seconds - made me smile anyhow :)

  6. I would say (or possibly coach Justin would say...) the fitness in your swim has very much improved!! If last time felt really good and strong and you were ready to pass out at the end and this time not so hard, with little focus but you did it in the same are more fit.
    But just my $.02

  7. I wonder how you'd do with 3.1 miles, though? Just puttin' that out there...

  8. 3.1 miles is just another example of how Americans are cheated by their reliance on an outdated, dare I say, imperialistic measurement system. 5 K is 5 K the world over. 5 K is not 3.1 miles, it's really 3.106856 miles. That extra 36.19968 feet is important. I'm just saying...

  9. Great job on the sub-30 minute

  10. Nice improvements!! And I agree - swim fitness has improved.


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