Monday, January 25, 2010

Back at it

This was what I ran in today. -14 C is 7 F. Linda took my cold from me, so I'm feeling pretty well back to normal now. We aren't going to talk about how she feels.

Swam this morning a little over 45 minutes, pushing fairly hard, feeling strong. I'd have swum a little longer to round out the hour, but the aqua class took over 4 lanes, not the usual three. My lane was flooded with slow swimmers. I'm learning I really have to time it carefully to get in there as the first thing in the morning gotta get to work crowd leaves, so I can leave as the 8am floaties move in. I think the pool is catering to the floatie crowd, since it was in your face warm. Blah. The hot tub is still off limits for me, but the steam room was nice.

It's been snowing here again. There's about a cm or two of new snow on the ground. Ran easy, getting my legs used to it again, 5 K in a hair over 35 minutes, and another 10 minutes a bit easier. At the end of the run I back tracked a bit to look at my footprints. It turns out for most of them I'm landing so evenly that it's a nearly perfect track. No smearing or smudging. Toes pointed straight forward. The sun came out a bit during my run so it was really nice. Pity we can't run our races in this temperature.

Stretched 15 minutes after the run. Looking over my schedule for the next little while. This is going to be fun and interesting.


  1. Yaaay! Good for you - feels really good to be back on top and makes you realise just how crappy you felt before hey! Good news :)

  2. PS I'm off for my run now - on my treadmill - hahahaha! Cos I'm an English softie!

  3. good to hear you are back on your game! real nice of you to pass it along to Linda! maybe I can pass mine along to my wife! (I can blame you when she gives me hell after a couple of days) Cheers and Happy Training!

  4. glad you feel better and tell Linda hope she feels better soon!!

  5. I can tolerate a LOT when it's sunny out, I swear..even snow!

  6. He's baaaaaaack!! :) :) :)

    Great talking with you today -- left me feeling upbeat and pumped. :) :)

  7. Fun and interesting....can't wait to hear what she has in store for you!!

  8. I thought it felt really nice out yesterday. When I saw my tracks in the snow I saw the my feet point outwards. Lucky you Mr. Straight Toes!!

    The downtown pool in the last hour or two before closing seems to be the best so far. Very few floaties and very few people period.

  9. You swim for 45 minutes?! I dog paddle for 5, then start to sink. K gets embarrassed when I have to use a noodle or floaties when snorkeling on vacation.


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