Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evening workouts are brutal

I'm not much for working out in the evenings. I like to get them done early, but today I was in the office. Sitting most of the day. Sigh. Once home I BBQ'd some duck breasts and chicken thighs, then crawled onto my bike.

Warmed up, then lots of cadence and one leg stuff. Some short time trial gear work. Cool down. 90 minutes, or close enough. All good stuff, and was pleased to see that I could do 110 again. Well, the final bit of one leg at the end got a bit clunky. Then core. oof. First two sets went ok, except for the tricep dips sucking big time. The third set was a shambles. I'm calling it 30 minutes.

I learned my lesson last week about eating before the workout. This time I took a second lunch to work, and ate it during the afternoon break, then ate after the workout. The problem is that if I eat too soon before going to bed, I don't sleep well. But duck breast! BBQ'd in a yummy marinade of Linda's devising. I don't know what was in it, but it sure was good.


  1. I did some core yesterday - about 20 minutes!!! You would have been so proud. :)

    I have to have a second lunch at work too before I workout. I hate working out at night but can't motivate myself to wake up early enough. So the second lunch really helps.

  2. I BBQ'd some duck breasts and chicken thighs

    ZOMG!1! You Canadians are bioengineering a creature with chicken legs and duck ta-tas?!1? STOP PERVERTING NATURE!1!

    Did you people learn NOTHING from the terrible, horrible experiments that produced Celine Dion? I mean ... nothing more profound than how to suck at pop music.

    (Adding: Please don't give the chicken-legged, duck-t*tted thing you're working on now the ability ot "sing" because, as previously stated, we already have Celine Dion.)

  3. "nothing more profound than how to suck at pop music..." AND in two languages nonetheless!!! :) :) :)

    How's office life treating you? Getting back into some kind of groove yet?

  4. "Linda's devising." That sounds dirty! Especially after "yummy marinade." ;)



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