Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day so shite I went back to bed

Not today, Monday. I realized last thing Sunday night that if I got organized I could do my run first, then do my swim. Somewhere I once read that swimming after a run was a good thing. Then while driving downtown to drop Linda off, dressed ready to run, I realized I'd forgotten to put my swim shorts in the bag. Normally I wear them under my jeans. Grrr.

After dropping Linda off I went home, changed to go swimming and went to Canyon Meadows. Which was kid central again. Grrrrrrrrr. This time they had trusted some of the little hooligans with stopwatches, and they were timing each other for 25 m races. Guess how big the waves were. The pool staff screwed up, though. At 8 half the pool turns into a floatie class. So they put the kids in the other half, and they ended at 8. So us lap swimmers had to switch. First I knew of this was after the lane rope savagely attacked me, and obese people started getting into my lane. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I popped up, and the kids were gone, so I moved over some lanes. Even before then I had been attacked by breast strokers. Other than me and the kids, every other person was doing breast stroke. Mr. 8foot wide, Mr. Prettybutslow, Ms. Friggingslow were all impacting (one literally) me. Yes, I ran into someone. He just swam up my lane assuming we would know he'd joined us, and switch to swimming in a circle. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I was polite. Just barely. Then when we switched lanes the breast strokers spaced themselves out over all the available lanes. I gave up. I hung out in the dive tank briefly, just long enough to let the kids get out of the locker room. What swimming I did was barely ok, but I'm not going to count it. What got done didn't even begin to resemble the plan. My inner shark is totally disgusted.

I got back home to computer problems, and while dealing with that had to cope with an urgent invoice email from work. More stress. Eventually I got those situations stable. While getting ready for a run I realized that not only wasn't I in the mood for a run, my legs were feeling very wishy washy, I was tired in spite of a good night's sleep, and in an overall generally shitty mood. Rather than potentially hurt myself by trying to push myself to run, I went back to bed.

My reasoning was that maybe starting the day over again would help me feel better. Three hours later I woke up again to deal with a scheduled phone call about a potential contract. I don't think I was incoherent, but you never know. The afternoon and early evening was spent struggling with a really, really slow computer. Something was eating CPU cycles, and I don't know what. Eventually I turned it off, and left it off overnight, and all was good this am. I still don't know why, so I'm going to have to poke around some more.

All in all, a very unhappy frustrating day, and I was thoroughly glad when I went to bed early. I even slept well, which is a nice surprise.

Tuesday was much better, even though I spent the day in the office. I managed to organize myself to take two lunches so I could hop on my bike as soon as I got home. Warmed up, one leg drill, some super fast cadence, then a main set of cadence work, then more super fast spin, then cool down. That was just over 90 minutes. The super fast was 2 minutes at over 120 rpm, no bouncing allowed. That got tough towards the end so I made sure to have some good tunes for that. The core workout has the dread plank and push ups in them, and being honest, I can't face them tonight. I'll do them tomorrow instead.

For some reason I'm finding evening workouts much tougher than I used to. I don't think I've made a single core session in the evening, except for the yoga classes. Maybe I'm spoiled by working out in the mornings.


  1. poopy days like that suck. what a luxury to go back to bed!!! Glad tuesday was better for you :) and you should have just swam naked - you would likely have the lane to yourself :)

  2. Wow, Jenna, thanks a LOT for that image of a naked Kurmudgeonly Keef getting all dangly in teh community pool. "GRRR" indeed.

    Somewhere I once read that swimming after a run was a good thing.

    Yeah, me too. I think it was in Never Take Another Shower Quarterly: The Journal That Offers Working Alternatives to Actual Bathing. The June '08 issue, I believe.

    Hey, remember that post you did about how you make your own wine? A day like Monday is the kinda day after which you grab one of those bottles and chug. Now I know you wine-y foax look down your imperious noses at the notion of (UGH!) chugging wine, but try it first. For a bottle or two. You'll wake up with a smile next day.

    Which probably will have more to do with that whoo-wer you'll find next to you, with whom you'll have no idea how you ended up in bed. Or what you did.

    Take THAT, Jenna! That's a more disgusting image than YOURS, even.

    Woo-hoo! When it comes to disgusting, I'm STILL #1!

  3. This is why you need to do those kicking drills, Keith! Grab a kickboard and splash like a mad fool -- it works EVERY time...You'll get your own lane for sure, and if anyone shares with you, you'll know they actually know how to swim. Hahahahaha!

  4. OMG...Glavin...do you know who you are dealing with??!! Please don't tempt her...

  5. Sounds like good times - glad you found Glaven. I thought he had disappeared from the blogosphere.

    I struggle with getting some workouts in and needing sleep too! PM workouts kind of suck.

  6. LOL on Kelly B's comment re: Jenna. God I love the blog world. But really, Glaven, do you know the depth of Jenna's inapporpriateness?

    Keith - sounds like a shitty day. Reading your account of the pool AFTER forgetting your suit would have done me in for the day. GRRRRRRR is right.

  7. Yuck-unsupervised children = 7th circle in hell. Glad you made the executive decision to go back to bed. That option always delivers in my world.


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