Sunday, November 9, 2008

First spin in a month

It's so nice out today. Without the arm issue I probably would have dressed for it, and gone for a ride outside just for the fun of it. But I still don't have a new helmet, so I guess that's the official excuse.

Set up Estela and started off with a 20 min warm up easy spin, gradually getting up to 100 rpm.
Then 30 seconds on, 90 seconds easy, with the on being 115, 120 125, and 130 rpm.
Then 2 min at 110 or so, with 2 min easy for 20 min.
10 min cool down, and some stretching after. I can almost touch my toes. Total of an hour riding, and another 10 minutes stretching. Showered, and more stretching.

I can put some weight on the arm, in riding position, maybe even split the weight equally between both arms, at least for a while. But I can't put it all on my right arm yet. I have to be careful about position, just so is just barely ok, and almost any other way hurts really quick.


  1. Great spin Keith!!!! I am so happy to hear that your arm is slowly healing.

    And did you EVER call the purple fashion trend. There was an article about the new fashion trend in TIME magazine. Hahahaha!! It's funny, now when I think of you, I think of men wearing pashmina scarves, a yellow raincoat in a designer studio, and the colour purple. LOL!!!!

  2. Hey Keith!

    Welcome home. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Glad to read that you're feeling better too.



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