Tuesday, March 28, 2023

19 out of 44

Or if you like percentages, 43% Actually, it's not as bad as that. I'm trying to be a tough marker. In another sense, I got 37 out of 45, or 82%. Confused? No fear, all will be explained.

The big film camera will get 8 photos on a roll. There is no sneaking in an extra. The small film camera will, on a roll of 36, sometimes get 37 photos. 

Those following along with the story till now know I dropped off a roll of each at the lab, and now you've probably gathered that I got them back. Everybody caught up now?

I'm pretty pleased with the results. There aren't enough photos on a coherent topic to create a blog on the other channel, where I typically talk about film, and try to produce an actual essay. The long exposures were ok for an initial exploration of an idea. They didn't turn out quite like I had expected, but they were interesting (to me, at least) and I'll be exploring further. 

I'm getting better at focus. None are wildly out of focus, and the two that look soft, I think are actually underexposed. They're sort of a soft grey all over, and I remember the setting being fairly dark.

There are a couple pairs, where I did different exposures of the same scene, and would typically only pick one to edit. And of course, there are some photos where I look at them now and wonder what I was thinking then. It might be a case of the camera not seeing what I was seeing, but more likely is that I didn't think about it enough. At least none of the big camera photos are like that.

So you get this blog today, with a bit of this and that. Some fairly recent photos.

1. Linda, strolling a beach.

2. As the wind blows, so the tree is shaped.

3. Artsy. Not sure where the purple came from, but there it was.

4. Surfers working it on Sombrio Beach. 

5. Abstract ice.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

Driftwood (BC)



Celina, ignoring me and the camera.

Film (new)
I like the shapes of snow as it melts. Not actually a panorama, just cropped.

Film (old)
Sebastian and Nefertitti.

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  1. I quite like 1, and I'm glad that Linda returned from the edge. One day we can have a beer over the word "artsy", which is not on my list of favourite words :) . Cheers, Sean


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