Thursday, March 2, 2023

More long exposure

 I've shown the one tidal rocky long exposure a couple of times now. But just for interest and a bit of a 'the making of a long exposure feature', here's several photos that I wouldn't normally show.

1. Working on composition. This is the view looking out towards the ocean, but behind me is much the same for a ways till the actual beach. You may be assured I was paying very careful attention to my footing as I walked from rock to rock to get to this point.

2. 15 seconds, playing with exposure settings. 

3. A 20 second exposure. You don't see the full extent of the lighting changes because I've tweaked that in Lightroom. The 15 seconds was kind of dark. Went to 20 to get more light onto the sensor. 

4. Dialed into 10 seconds and letting the camera run. I'd bumped the ISO to get enough light at the shorter shutter time. This gave me a better effect of flowing water and misty appearance, and gave the clouds a bit of better definition.


6. Just to remind you, this is the one I picked for Image of the Month. Yes, it was a tough selection between this one, and 4 and 5. 

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

Driftwood (BC)


Film (new)

Film (old)
I've no idea when or where this is. Perhaps Vancouver Island during the trip to Tofino.

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