Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Sandhills night, still pre-crickets

When going on a photo trip, it helps to have a goal shot. The boot photo in the first post in this series was it for me. I slogged up the hill on a barely remembered zig zaggy sandy path, in the dark, carrying two heavy cameras already mounted on tripods, using a small red flashlight in my mouth to faintly illuminate the path. I had to stop to rest several times, but it was worth it. I still don't know what the film version of the photo looks like, and won't for a couple more weeks.

After I got that I played around with some other photos, then went to join the rest of the group. It was a perfect night! No wind, fairly clear, dark skies, and Northern Lights!

1. Still on top of the hill near the boots, looking east, trying to light paint some bushes. The bright star is Jupiter. The green is not an aurora, it's air glow.

2. Joining the rest of the crew on top of the main dune. Having fun with light painting, and long exposure ghost photos. You can see where people moved during the exposure. These are looking mostly east, I think.

3. Neil has just planted a tripod in my composition, which totally helps make it work.





8. Switched around to looking mostly west. Working on capturing some light painted rills in the dune. Others have a better version of this photo.

9. Shortly after I moved behind them to capture the crew in action, working on the light painting. It's an experimental process, try something and see how it looks. Maybe more light is needed, or different places illuminated. There's lots of variables.

10. Then I moved off to the side, hoping to capture interesting light.


12A. Then back to the parking lot. Here I'm looking back up the hill towards the boots. I've got a long sequence of photos like this, perhaps I'll make them into a time lapse, or a star trail. While the camera was clicking away, Neil fired up a barbecue and did smokies.

12B. Here's the daytime version of that photo, showing the zig zaggy path. It's higher than it looks.

13. The promised Northern Lights. We were getting ready to pack up and then it happened!

They faded after a short time, and we finished packing up at half past really really late.

The next day, after some afternoon safari with some crickets, and even though the light was not promising, we were out to the sand hills again. Here's a couple more shots as the light was fading, with no nice sunset.

14. The view of the main dune from the parking lot.

15. A couple of views as the light was fading. It was dark enough I could barely get the camera to focus. 


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