Friday, December 31, 2021

So long 2021, not gonna miss you much

As it turns out, 2021 started as we got home from New Zealand February 2020. No, I haven't lost track. We got home, we isolated for a little while, kept a low profile, mostly going out only to buy groceries. Not much has changed since then.

I started a mostly part time work from home contract that went to mid 2021. We walked a lot in NZ, and walked more when back, Linda much more than me. I started swimming again late summer 2021 and that's going quite well, thank you very much. It was good to get back into the pool and I hope they don't shut them down again.

There wasn't much difference between the 2 years. Mostly keeping a low profile, watching the Kenny government try to suck and blow at the same time to pander to their base, and try to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. Try to figure out how their rules applied to our community association. Try to enjoy life as much as possible while not getting sick ourselves or being a conduit to other people getting sick.

I've mentioned that I'd retired 4 times before, but I think it's for good now. Dealing with Excel on the last contract burned me out. I make a bit of money here and there with photography, but I'm still not trying to make a business out of it. Neither will I drive across town to give my work away.

One of the main activities is going to be putting my consulting company to bed permanently. It's been dormant since June or so, with me gradually subtracting money from it. That will all wind up in January, as soon as my accountant can push the paperwork. One less thing to worry about when it's all settled. It's sort of weird to be putting money into an RSP to offset some income, and to also be discussing when to take money out of it. Tax planning is harder than you'd think.

This year had the lowest output of blogs since I began this whole thing. Part of it was the intense work contract, but if you compare the first half of the year to the last half, there isn't much difference. I think it's just that I didn't have as much to say any more. I've been at this since late 2007. This is blog 3673 or so, and what with some being long and some being short I've no idea how many words. There are two distinct phases, from the start to about 2011 or 2012 it was all about triathlon training with a bit of other stuff. Then it's been mostly photography related and lots more other stuff. Who knows what it will be in 2022?

In some ways I've treated the last half of 2021 like a vacation, but there's things to do. Starting in a few days I'll be getting started on that. I've been thinking of how I manage my time in retirement, and I think it's going to be a work in progress. There are days I think lots, and days I don't.

The COVID years have been a struggle for everyone and it sucks. Who guessed we'd still be dealing with it going into 2022? Anybody want to take a bet we'll all be saying this a year from now?

Wishing you all the best that there is to be had!

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  1. I am not taking the bet on either side. My personal hope is that the look and feel of a new normal may begin to take shape. Good luck to you and Linda. See you soon, Sean


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