Wednesday, December 1, 2021

November Image of the Month

That was actually a surprisingly easy choice. You can get the back story here. Which also gives the explanation for, 'I didn't NANO, not even slightly'. I know you guys have been burning to know if I did or not.

It wasn't a particularly big month for photography, given we are in a kind of blah and colourless pre-winter. There were several other images I quite liked; some from the Red Rocks shoot, a walk with a friend along the Bow, and some of my own walks. That's to say nothing about an informal shoot for one of my own projects; those aren't in the running for image of the month.

However I didn't think any of them were as strong as this one. Usually for me if there's a runner up, it means I actually had to think about which belonged in the top spot. When the decision is this easy that tells me they don't really belong here.

Of course, some of my readers are wonderful photographers, and I sometimes suspect they are wondering if their favourite image over the month shows up here. Don't be afraid to leave a comment, even it is 'You photographic moron how could you not include image x?"

Image of the Month


  1. This is such an incredible image! I can see how it had no competition. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for the print exchange. I'm excited to see where it ends up!

  2. Michelle commented, "Great photo, I had somehow missed the backstory and I love the second photo too. Were you swinging the burning steel wool from a string around and around in a circle?"
    Thank you! It was actually Neil swinging the steel wool around on a wire.

  3. Such a cool shot. No wonder it was a slam-dunk.


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