Wednesday, March 3, 2021

February Image of the Month

 Zoom! No, not a video call, it's another month. The year is 1/6 gone already. There wasn't as much time as I'd like for photo rambles, so I ended up with only a few really nice photos. Thus you only get Image of the Month and a comparison shot. No runner up this month.

This one takes me back to my roots, when I first started using a real camera. I liked doing landscapes, mainly because they mostly held still. I've branched out. If you scroll through my recent image of the month page, you won't see many landscapes.

But this panorama of Dry Island Buffalo Jump was just about the only thing to shoot, and we didn't want to stand around in a cold wind looking for other subjects. We came, ate lunch, shot, and drove off.

This is 10625 x 4016 px or about 36" x 14" at high print quality. It was shot with the big 150 to 600 mm lens. Trying to hold it steady in a stiff cross wind was a bit of a challenge. 

Here's a summer view of the same place, shot from about the same location, only with a wider lens.

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  1. A fine image from a fine day. I did twig on your use of the word landscape, and think that could be fodder for a conversation. Cheers, Sean


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