Saturday, February 27, 2021

The 90 bottle followup

It's been another quite a week. I mean month. I can't remember the last time I worked so many hours in a month. There's something about being retired that's sort of burbling along under the surface but I'm so tired I can't bring it to mind. I'm sure it will come to me.

Here's the first three kits I picked up last weekend during a photo ramble.

This morning was a chance to wake up slowly, and you can bet I enjoyed it. I was warm and snuggled into the blankets, thinking about various things in a languid way. It's good to let your brain run in neutral when you get the chance.

Coffee, of course. Eventually shovelling the driveway before the neighbour's snow service blew more snow onto it. Some photos, even. Some of them were some experiments with light and glass bottles that didn't come out quite right. I'll play with them more.

The last time I was doing wine was June 2019 or so. We skipped last year, knowing we'd be in New Zealand, and at ordering time it looked like I'd be coming back to a work contract. It was nice getting back into the routine of getting set up and starting another kit. It's the Nerello, the first one on the left. By the time these 3 are done and I have a carboy free, it will be time to go back to Red Deer and get the other three on order. There might be another photo ramble along the way.

This season's faded rose is still with us. There's been some extreme cold, and some strong wind, but it's still there. You have to admire it.

There's lots of snow in the yard, but there's still some roses poking up from the snow.

Of the Day
Driftwood. This was taken almost exactly a year ago today on Taieri Mouth beach. I've been dreaming a bit about New Zealand lately, wondering if I'll ever get back there. When it's cold out it's easy to dream of walking on a beach in shorts and t shirt, listening to the waves and wind.

Michelle and one of the dogs.


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  1. Though the subject is a little low in the frame to my taste, I quite enjoy #3for its lighting and the shadows. Cheers, Sean


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