Saturday, March 27, 2021

Things are growing! March 27, snow and all!

I was out looking for a shot on the lawn that I thought I'd seen from the kitchen window. That shot wasn't there after all, but along the way I noticed this. But first, double serendipity!

From May 2017

From almost exactly a year ago, on a beach in New Zealand.

And from today in our garden. 

There's no snow in those particular beds, but ones just a few feet away still have a bit of snow.

Even so, at that back of that same bed, these are popping up.

The front beds are not to be left behind.

Even the bed on the inside of the front patio, where there is still quite a bit of snow and little sunshine, we have this.

Linda knows what they all are, of course. I'm pretty sure she's given names to each of them already. No, not names like tulip or hyacinth, but Alice, or Mary, or Tessie. The conversations have begun.

Of the Day
Driftwood (even though you got one already)


It being spring, this feature is likely to become a regular again real soon now.

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  1. Very exciting to see the new growth in the garden! My daylilies have some green on them but everything else is still resting. Hopefully the recent snow didn't affect the new growth too much.


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