Wednesday, February 3, 2021

I dusted off the behemoth

 Mostly it just sits on my desk. Waiting. Not being a dedicated wildlife or bird photographer it isn't the first choice of lenses. That it weighs a ton has nothing to do with it.

But this morning while pouring coffee I noticed the sunrise through the trees. I hoped the composition would be as good from outside as through the kitchen window. Not quite, but I still found something I liked.

The periscope plant appeared in the corporate bling blog the other day. I've been looking at it, wondering if there was a new angle to shoot it from, or something new to say about it. Then I figured, I had the big lens on, lets try that. But first a serendipity shot from a visit to the Viking exhibit in Edmonton in 2019

I'll be repeating this bit of text for a while. Scrolling through Facebook is making me unhappy, so I want to do less of it, and see how that feels. It's all to easy to start scrolling after putting a up a notice I've blogged. I will drop in on a photo group I like, but anything after that is uncertain.

So if you want to be sure you don't miss a blog, send an email to keith at nucleus dot com and ask to be put on my blog notification list. You'll get an email with a link whenever I blog. Plus there may be some extra goodies for those on the list. If you find the blog through another means, that's fine too, I'm happy to have you read however that works.

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  1. Unlike you, I use my behemoth regularly. I dusted off my 35mm prime for some bridge shots this week. It's such a wonderful sharp lens. When I see the results, I wonder why I don't use it more. It's always good to change things up! :)

  2. Even if it is a familiar image, I like the tree against the rising sun. As that appears to be the subject, a more drastic crop that keeps less of the out of focus elements would strengthen an already good image. Cheers, Sean


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