Monday, February 1, 2021

January Image of the Month

Somehow January disappeared in a blur. The year is 1/12 gone. Whoosh. I hope it's started well for you and your family. Or as well as it can, what with the never-ending COVID thing. I know lots of people are struggling. In most ways we're doing fine, nothing to complain about. 

But I think cabin fever is setting in for me. The current work project is a bit of a slog. Social media and the news is getting on my nerves. Reading Facebook is actually making me unhappy. I'm not getting out with my camera as much as I'd like, and I've made essentially no progress with Photoshop or the tablet. It seems there is no time for that, and work is sucking my creative energy. Changes must be made.

So first, I'm going to give Facebook a rest, with the periodic exception of a photo group I really like, and if I happen to notice someone has sent a message thingie, I'll probably respond. They know who they are. If you rely on Facebook to find out when I've blogged, you may need to make some adjustments. I'd hate for you to miss a blog. There is a  follow by email button in my blog roll, down near the bottom, but I'm not actually sure that it works. It leads to a feed burner thing I've never really understood. I think it sends the entire blog post by email, photos and all, which sometimes must have been a huge email.

I'm quite happy to create a mailing list; I know that will work. If you send your email address to keith at nucleus dot com with 'Blog Notice' or something like it, I'll add you to the list, and you'll get an email with a link every time I publish on either one of my blogs. Maybe, just maybe, there might be additional stuff in the email that nobody else gets. And I promise not to do anything else with the email.

Even though I wasn't out with the camera as much as I'd like, and I don't have that many images to choose from, Image of the Month goes on. 

Runner up
I was really enjoying the interplay of light on the snow across the road. I grabbed the camera and stuffed my feet into boots, and then had to wait, and wait, and wait for cars. Meanwhile I was scoping out the scene so I suppose it wasn't a total waste of time.

Image of the Month.
This is from a walk in South Glenmore park, trying to dodge the tourists. Outside of races, I've never seen that area so busy! But I did find this nice grove of trees, and no people around, to experiment with some intentional camera movement. It came out just as I had envisioned.

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