Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June Image of the Month

That wasn't so hard after all. The tulips put on an amazing show this year, sometimes glowing like molten glass in the morning sun. And yet, the photos from the Ribbon Creek hike make my day every time I look at them.

Second Runner up
I totally love that orange!

First Runner up
I mentioned I often have a tough time with photos of water coming out nice. Our brains and the camera see moving water very differently. This is the first time I've been happy with the textures of moving water, rushing over the log and spraying off that one branch. The sun catching on it just right, giving some texture to the water.

Image of the Month
As soon as I saw this scene I was captured. I loved the light, the contrasts between the rocks and water and trees. I could have happily spent much longer playing with composition, different photo ideas but I'm so happy this turned out like I wanted. I think it's one of the more 'painterly' photos I've done.

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  1. A good choice. It is a well balanced image that contains lots of interesting places for the eye to wander. Cheers, Sean


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