Thursday, February 28, 2019

A beach safari

There we were, on safari looking for driftwood. What do we see?

That is a real shot, btw, less than 10 K from the beach. No composite, no photoshop, no nothing, even though I was channelling Bonnie's shot during the recent Neil Z African safari as I hopped out of the car and hoped nobody would come along the narrow road.

Here are the beaches, in order:

You say those fast three times in a row. I dare you.

We were hoping to beat the tide for the first one to see a waterfall at the north end. We missed it by THAT much, and didn't want to scramble over rocks.

There was a bit of driftwood to look over, but mostly these are strolling beaches. Not many people on them, nice sand and water. Here's an assortment of shots. You decide which are which.

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