Saturday, February 16, 2019

OM(Art Deco)G

I don't even know where to begin. The day before yesterday was an art deco warm up. Yesterday was art deco on steroids. More than 1300 photos over the two days, and all I've done is decanted them onto the portable hard drive. By that I mean I plugged it in and let it run while I had a glass of wine and then went to bed.

Do you like vintage cars? There was a parade of them yesterday. One after the other, for an hour. Vintage motorbikes. Vintage pedal bikes, including a penny farthing. But mostly cars. Some of them are mind blowing. Top of the line Packards and Silver Ghost Rolls Royce mind blowing. These cars are not, and never really were transportation. They are works of art. There will be some photos on my blog, but if you are interested in vintage cars and want to see more photos, you'll need to let me know. I was thinking of putting all of them into a Google Photos folder and I can send you the link.

Then there was the fashion show last night. Tough light to take photos in, but some of them are stunning. If you are interested in art deco fashion, let me know. Wedding dresses, evening gowns, more! A few will show up here on the blog, but the rest will be in a Google Photos folder, and I can send you a link.

So where does this leave the blog here and now? Exhausted. More backlog. These are some of the garden statues where we had lunch after the Te Mata lookout. I was totally thinking of Susi for a couple of them, as the blog cognoscenti will realize.

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  1. I am a sucker for sculpture gardens. I look forward to seeing the two parades once you return (if you return :)). Cheers, Sean


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