Monday, February 11, 2019

Travel day backlog and sorry Janice

Today we left the Wellington super swanky digs, and are off to an art deco festival. The place this week is a bit out of the city, with our thinking it would be time for a quieter week. So a couple things. There is a super good restaurant about a 5 minute walk away. So good it has us revising our plans to prepare food here and eating many of our meals out instead. I think there's a little town a bit down the road the other way.

Even though it seems we are out in the country, there is still lots of traffic noise, which is a bit of a surprise. The Wellington place was essentially in the middle of the city (admittedly on top of a mountain) and we heard no traffic or street noise.

The top of the property gets an ok sky view to what I think is mostly east, which is toward the city. The light pollution map says it isn't too bad, but lets see. There's a couple power lines that might make for interesting compositional choices. About a 20 min drive gets me right out of the light pollution, but I'll scout that tomorrow. Why then? Travel days are hard on me here. There was a beer for late lunch, then wine with the evening snack.

It's now official. Sorry Janice. Nova Scotia fish and chip are now out of the top 5, even that great dockside place in Lunenburg. The F&C here is amazing. The food here is amazing in general. I don't think I've gained weight, but that's not my doing. It's all the walking, averaging more than 8K per day, every day, almost all of it uphill. At least it's not snowing.

So what shall I show you for images today? Back to the steam punk museum, just because.

I got the impression some Romulan read the plans upside down.

Many of the things here are repurposed into art, but one can still understand what they were for originally. but this red and white thing baffles me. They are something real, perhaps associated with maritime stuff, since I've seen some of these elsewhere. Usually rusty. It's big, between 4 and 5 feet in diameter, and I don't know if it's hollow or not. Any of my small but loyal band of readers have any suggestions?

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  1. Kiwi land is very strange - all up no down - must be Escher land as well. I vote buoy or anchorage point for small ships (as opposed to large boats). Cheers, Sean


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