Thursday, August 30, 2018

Big Hill Springs, revisited

My buddy Sean and I visited Big Hill Springs park May 2017 for a photo ramble. See here. Note that you also get a photo of Celina being innocent.

I'd always wanted to go back and what with one thing and another, and another, and yet more another, it didn't happen till yesterday. As chance has it, I was on my way to meet Sean for a beer after his work.

Aside from the park being overrun by small noisy mammals with insufficient adult supervision, it was a great time to visit. The park is lush and green, and the little creek is flowing nicely. The sound of the various waterfalls is extremely soothing. For a while I was watching a photographer do some family portraits.

Waterfalls are interesting things to photograph. It's one of the clearer examples of how the camera 'sees' things differently than our brain does. Compare one and two, to number 3. Neither is quite what we see, yet we all instantly recognize the flow of water. I don't actually much like photo 3, I only include it for comparison.

This is one of the reasons I get choked when people say photography is not creative. They say that a photograph of something shows what it is, nothing more or less. But photos 2 and 3 were taken about 30 seconds apart, without me moving my feet. All that changed was camera settings, and a very slightly different view angle. I think you'd all agree they give a very different emotional feel to the scene. No creativity, my ass.







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