Sunday, February 18, 2018

The last of that ramble

The scenic route to Red Deer has many charms, some less obvious than others.

Once again I am afflicted with shadows on snow, plus the comparison between the organic shapes of the trees and the artificial fenceposts and utility pole amused me.

I have zero idea what this is. Again, a nice comparison between the organic and artificial. It doesn't look sturdy enough to be an advertising sign.

For some reason at the time I was focussed on finding the space between the silos. That was really important in the moment.

This is the less well known cousin to Okotok's Big Rock, the West Hope Gravelly Bit. I was thinking that during some parts of the year, an aerial shot would have it and the surrounding field looking a little like one of those zen garden thingies, tended by devout monks. That the local farmer uses large mechanized equipment rather than a hand rake seems like a needless complication in the visualization.

More muffets! This family have partially buried themselves in the hope of a peaceful hibernation and avoiding predators. Some of their herd can be seen in the background, on the other side of the fence. I was wondering if these muffets were making a break for it to live free and wild, or were merely wanting to forage on the sweeter delicacies to be had on the other side of the fence. One has to watch muffets very carefully for a while to be sure of such things. For all their size, they are timid creatures, easily spooked.


  1. I really love the silos. Can't explain why. Something about the negative space around them. Or maybe it's just the simplicity of the image and the subtle colours. Whatever. It really works for me. Thanks, Keith.

  2. The angle is just slightly off, but I really like what could be the structure of an old billboard. Given you're descriptions of the muffets, I couldn't help myself from singing "muffets on the run - I hope they're having fun." Cheers, Sean


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