Monday, February 19, 2018

Macro Monday 21: A finger selfie, sort of

Another of my paperweights, this time a blue one, with a white line. There's a story that goes with it.

One of the glassblowing courses was at ACAD. The instructor was showing us how to make a ribbon of coloured glass. He wanted a ribbon of blue glass, a clear space, and the a narrower ribbon of white glass. He got a glob of glass on a punty, then spucked on a chunk of blue glass, some clear and some white. Then he had another student get another punty with clear glass on it, and joined them together. Then they stretched the blob of glass down the hallway at ACAD, about 50 m worth at least.

There was still lots of ribbon left. I was closest so he handed the punty to me and said, go make a paperweight with the rest. And here it is. This isn't the most dramatic of my paperweight macro photos, but there are some lovely blues. The problem is for most of them there is nothing in focus so I didn't do anything with them. The finger part comes in the first one, you can see the reflection of my fingers at the top of the bubble.

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