Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Construction, it's gonna be a swear word

There is going to be lots of road construction near here over the next several years. There are two roads in or out of my neighbourhood; one is under construction already, and the other will be happening soon. I was out for a walk to scope it out. This may be a recurring blog theme or I may be so sick of it I may decide to retire elsewhere for a few years, preferably where there is an ocean beach and lots of sunshine.

 This is the remains of Bullhead Rd, where Anderson turns into 37 St, or vice versa if you like that better. They will be starting to construct bridges here later this year. It's going to be lovely, I'm sure. The main highway will run north, with an interchange for Anderson, and more roads for all the businesses going on Tsuut'ina land.

This is 130 Ave. There are lots of homes for sale nearby. Just saying.

There is a hole inside the fence, and two large plastic tubes emerge, with wiring. I don't know for what.

Lastly, the prettiest shot of the day. The water is disgusting of course, but the sky is such a pretty blue it's reflected nicely.

Looked at Image of the month for February and made a decision. It will be a new one for all of you. Stay tuned tomorrow!

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