Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A sunrise to lure you in.

It's still winter in Calgary. Really winter. Cold, snow, the whole works. At least we get nice sunrises. This is from a few days ago. I'm told that today's was nice too, but I was still in the pool.

Now that you're here, lured in, (Linda is laughing!) here's winter at night. We've been getting lots of snow. I was all set to shovel, when I was struck by the pattern of tracks in the snow, and a bit of house light reflecting off the snow.

This is the tail end of lots more snow. I shovelled first, as it was tapering, then still liked the snow against the streetlights. Yes, I'm standing in the middle of the road for this shot. I was thinking of trying to get the brake lights as the cars go around the curve, but the first several drivers didn't cooperate, and I wasn't inclined to stand there all night. The snow is light and fine, and swirls like dust.

Maybe it's the green lighting around the tennis courts and ice rink, but this shot makes me think of Christmas.

This shot amazes me. I stood there a moment in real life, liking the darkness of the shadows and the light from the streetlight, and the nice colour of the sky. I took the shot figuring lets see if the camera captures the magic of the sidewalk. Call me surprised. Maybe you had to be there, but this totally draws me in. You?

One of the roses, struggling to keep branches above the snow. I think it's completely buried now.


  1. Lured in by colour on the line.
    The other 5, to my eye, are all really good beginnings of some interesting ideas, especially the tracks, and the last 2.
    In answer to your question, sort-of. Maybe it would have worked better for me if there was less tree on the left (tighter framing ?). One of the great tricks of our craft is trying to figure out "what is photographic". And then there are those rare occasions where we manage to figure out how to communicate what we feel in the photograph. Cheers, Sean

  2. I'm with Sean. I like the image but a little tighter framing would have helped me focus on the light. I kind of want to see more sky and tree branches too. It does have a wonderfully evocative feel about it though. Hard to believe there's so much snow there when we've had so little. What a country we live in, eh?


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