Thursday, February 8, 2018

Susi's measurements: 122+-69-60

I was chatting with my buddy Susi last night, and while she knew it had been snowing here, wanted to know how much. She's an engineer, and wanted measurements. This is a lot of snow for Calgary, but at least it's a dry powdery snow that shovels easily, though it doesn't pile up so well. My neighbour's idiot shovelling service insists on piling it up on top, and lots of it comes down on my side, like where the level is in the second last photo.

This level is 1.22 m long.  This is beside the driveway on the lawn, and I'm pretty sure it's not jammed all the way down to the grass. It's been piled up a bit, but the major pile is further back. I can't reach that far.

This is down at the bottom of the driveway. I'd lose the level if I jammed it in at the top, if I could reach the top. This is just stuck into the overflow, and I tried to shoot the camera level. It's maybe 1.3 or 1.4 m deep. If the neighbourhood kids try to play king of the castle on top of it, I'll totally be that grumpy old geezer running out of the house shouting, "Hey you kids get off my pile of snow!"

This is on the front lawn, and has very little shovelled on. I try to push the snow a bit further along and cover up the south end of the side flowerbed. That's probably a metre deep.

Much of the lawn is a similar depth.

And it's still snowing hard. The driving will be major league crappy today. Retired life is wonderful on days like this. I'm sorry, does that sound like gloating?

This is what my morning has been, in between shovelling. Life is good, snow and all. Maybe I'll go photo snowshoeing a bit later.


  1. What?! No spreadsheet with various locations, depths, dates measurements taken, a notation of the equipment used?!? How can we observe the distribution of the snow and changing amounts?!? Haha. Boy that's a lotta snow! Thank you for measuring for me. :)

  2. I feel that this post is wholly incomplete without a spreadsheet, man.
    Hubby is an engineer and I'm pretty sure it isn't real unless it is represented eight ways to Sunday in Excel.

    Having said that, drive safe! And retirement sounds pretty damn great. Even the yelling at the neighbourhood kids part. I hope someone tries to climb the snow pile just so you can run out in your slippers and flail your arms at them. ;)

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow. We do't have any here now. It's been raining all day on and off, with more in the forecast for tomorrow. I don't really mind. In these parts, we often get more snow in March and April than in January and February. Have I mentioned lately how much I'd like to be retired too?


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