Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Almost, but not yet

It's been another one of those deceptive Calgary days. Beautiful sunshine. Blue skies. Water beginning to run in the street, just a little. Brutal wind, and only just above zero. Still, I was out encouraging the little bit of water to flow towards the drain. Spring is coming. Almost, but not yet.

Along the way I was admiring the weird shapes in the melting ice pile. It's a little tricky standing on a sloped icy surface, and trying to get low for the shot, without kneeling in the icy slush. This isn't quite the shot I was hoping for. Almost, but not quite.

I need to do more refraction shots. This happened as I was setting the table, and I caught the light through the window, and Celina watching. It was only afterward that I realized I should have tweaked the composition ever so slightly, moving the blue foot stool just a bit to the right and closer to the camera, so the wine glass stem is just between the blue on the left, and the red blanket on the right, then removed the white blanket producing the big white spot on the right. That would have given me another blue spot. Sigh. Why do I see these things on the computer screen afterward? It could have been a much better shot, almost, but not quite.

We attended an open house for the SW Ring Road going in near us. We could hear the pile drivers working when it was several K away, and we learned that fairly soon they'll be working less than 1 K away. I've never seen a major road being constructed so fast, but they are under a major deadline. Somewhere there is a project manager sweating the details, wondering what they've overlooked, or what could go wrong. I caught a big herd of earth-movers and other construction equipment snoozing in the snow, awaiting the next phase of construction no doubt coming soon. Almost, but not quite.

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  1. I like the photo of the glass just the way it is. The colours are intriguing. Great shot! Sorry about the construction. It's bound to be a challenging episode. On the upside, at least you don't have to fight rush hour traffic anymore.


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