Thursday, February 22, 2018

Don't fence me in

One of the side effects of getting our music onto a USB stick for the car, is finding a bunch of music we like, that hadn't been in iTunes. Or it was and iTunes ate it. Some of you may have heard of Riders in the Sky. Or not. They're a lot of fun, and they can actually sing.

To the point, I was out for a photo ramble the other day out south of Calgary, and Don't Fence Me In was playing as I was deciding where to do a U turn on a road I'd never been on before. I did not want to drive into a situation where I couldn't turn around. It all worked out ok, only about a one K hike to where I wanted to go.

Then, walking along, I get this shot. I had to take it, because the song was still going through my mind.

All along that fence are lots of signs saying, No Hunting, No Trespassing. And on the other side. In a historical eye blink this went from bison grazing, to fenced ranches or private acreages. In some ways that's kind of sad.

Here's a nicer, unfenced view from about the same place. There are others,  stay tuned.

One day, a little closer to spring, I think the sun will light up the mountains in a spectacular way. I'm not sure if it's better to stay up all night and do some night photography, or get up early. Hmmm.

The other soundtrack I was listening to while writing this was a spectacular version of The Good, The  Bad, and The Ugly by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Spectacular!

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