Saturday, February 3, 2018

3 skylines and a gotcha

Winter daytime isn't the best look for Calgary's skyline, but it's not entirely shabby either. I have shot it from most directions, but not much from the mid-NW. I'd been musing about a number of locations, and finally got around to checking out one of them. There's good parking, a nice view even if the foreground is a little dull. The downside is no river and no Tower. Can't have everything. Maybe it's better at night. It's good to check these things out in daylight, especially when there's a lot of ice around.

I like putting benches in my shots. Don't ask me why.

A bit of a panorama from a little further along the bluff. This is looking SE, so perhaps a sunset shot at the right time of year would light up the buildings nicely. Or maybe a moon rise, if the clouds ever cooperate.

This kind of snuck up on me. I was wandering along, mainly looking out towards the horizon, then turned to look where I was going, and there it was, reaching for me.

I was down in the basement with another paperweight just before writing this. I've done red and orange, this one has lovely amber swirls. Are you surprised there is a re-entry in amber? Stay tuned for macro Monday.

Today I'm off to the Exposure Photography Festival. I'll do the festival opening, and the gallery opening for the one guy I know, Chris Malloy at the Edge Gallery, (that link will probably go bad at the end of the month.) then over the month I want to check out the other galleries.

Part of the idea is to support local photo artists and galleries. Part of it is to look at the work and think about why that's a photo worthy of being printed and displayed to the public. If it was a bad photo, someone surely would have told them, "umm, buddy, are you sure you want to print THAT one?" So something about the photo grabbed at least several someones, and my reasoning is, if I can figure out what that is, maybe I'll recognize it when I'm the one holding the camera looking at some random scene. And who knows, the displays might give me some ideas.

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