Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Image of the Month

It should be no surprise that the photos from Yukon are up at the top of the list for September. So runners up first, as always.

There was a smaller version of this as one landscape oriented photo. Then this panorama shot, but I had to think about where to cut it off. The scenery continues in both directions.

I'm not likely to get another shot this close to a Lynx.

This one is from the other day down in Fish Creek, just because there's so many things I like, the bright colours including some red, the reflections in the water, a bridge, some blue sky, and a general air of peace and quiet.

Plus an aurora, of course. I'm still playing with these.

And here we are. I keep coming back to this one to let my eyes roam around. There's so much to see, especially when you look at the bigger version in Lightroom. I'm seriously considering giving this to me as a Christmas present, printed as big as it will go.

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  1. Your September photo will look even better large. I also really like your pure reflection shot of yesterday. Cheers


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