Friday, October 27, 2017

A reflective walk in Fish Creek

The delights of Fish Creek are never ending. I love it. It goes on forever across the south end of the city, and there is everything in it a photographer could love. A creek with both little rapids and calm pools for reflections. It meets with a big river. Several different kinds of bridges. Steep hills with evergreens. Cliffs, even. One of the hills is named 'The Hill of Death'. Flat plains with grass. Gnarly trees, no idea what kind they are, sorry. Trees at every stage of life from just starting, to rotting away, with some blown over by the wind as a bonus. Trails of the paved, shale, established, and stealth varieties, ranging from flat to scramble. All kinds of people on the trails on every non-powered wheeled vehicle you can imagine. Yes, once I've seen a unicycle. Overlooks to see the mountains, sun/moon rise, and sun/moon set shots. I don't have even the first idea how many different kinds of flowers and plants grow there. If on any random day throughout the year you can't find something to point your camera at, you need a kick in the tail. Or head.

Anytime I'm wondering where to take the camera because I don't have anything in particular in mind, I head for Fish Creek. Today was over sort of between Sikome and Bow Valley Ranch. I haven't been in that little chunk of woods in a really long time. There was no wind at all, and the light was nice for reflections. I strolled along for a couple of hours and a few kilometres.

It was a beautiful day to be outside walking in the park. Just the right temperature, not too many people around. Shooting reflections is always a reflective state of mind for me. I couldn't help thinking about how I see the world differently now that I've started carrying a camera around.

You are not going to get all 18 that I edited all at once. I'm going to spread them out a bit to keep from overloading your brain.

Bridge 11, if you were wondering.

This is bridge 10. Yes, there really is a reason for the bridge.

There is a reason Alberta is called Big Sky country.

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