Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cameraing on the Bow

I first heard that word from one of my photo buddies, and I've come to love it. Being out and taking photographs is far more than just the click of the shutter. There are many activities involved, and cameraing is a great word for the whole package. Walking around, looking at where you want to be, thinking of which lens to use for that shot, the various settings for the photo you want, enjoying the scenery, and chatting to whoever might happen to be around.

One of the interesting things about Calgary is that the downtown skyline is visible from almost all directions, and from surprisingly far away. Today I was strolling along the Bow river and found these shots.

It was a lovely afternoon, even if it snowed briefly.  The light came and went. I hung around for a while waiting for the trees to light up here, but they never did and I eventually moved on.

The formal name for this is Sapper's Bridge. That might tell some of you where I was.

I suspect the people living on the west side of those apartments pay extra rent for the view. I'd love to visit someone that lives there.

There was a big cloud building over downtown, which made for an interesting contrast. Trying to get it all in took a bit of work.

I've got a bit of a thing about these memorial benches. I like to photograph them, and the view they get. Sometimes it's not possible, and I'll settle for a photo of them, but I try to get interesting angles. I'm almost tempted to go back to this bench and tweak the shot a bit more. There is a hair more space between the top of the bench and the bottom of the skyline than I wanted.


  1. I like the cloudscape (4) with that little bit of a column forming. To my eye the bench (5) appears to be too large for the image. Like other memorial benches, it does though pose many questions. Who is being being commemorated and what did she find so special about that particular place? Is there a cherished memory? Cheers

    1. Sean is exactly right, the bench is too large for the image. I need to back up a bit, perhaps quite a bit, and in this case there is the space for it. Plus the camera needs to be a fraction lower. I also want to play with depth of field a little. I'm not sure if it's better for the skyline to be in razor focus, or the bench.


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