Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snow and glass sculpture

Not much to say today. Used up lots of writing energy on NaNoWriMo. Up to just over 12,100 words. No snippets I like well enough to include here.

The snow finally happen. It started wet and heavy, and got heavier, but it made for a pretty sculpture addition.

Ran today in the sloppy splashy leftovers from people not shoveling their sidewalks. My legs were happy to be out, even if my feet did get wet. The goal today was to try to keep my cadence a bit higher, and mostly I did. It still fades off through the run. Really happy with it, just running around not trying for any particular pace. 7 K, just over 48 minutes, not working too hard, but getting a bit tired at the end.

After was a roast chicken dinner complete with home made date square! This is one of my favourite treats, and this is very, very good. Nice and rich datiness, with a nice crisp crumble top, with a hint of cinnamon and orange peel zest. Mmmmm. It won't last long.


  1. Those date squares sound yummy! Would Linda mind sharing the recipe?

    I think you could make a Linda a feature guest poster, sharing her delicious recipes on a regular basis. That would be awesome!

    1. Linda normally makes meals, delicious meals, by looking at the stuff in the fridge and cupboards, and making it up as she goes along. I don't know if she followed a secret family recipe for the date squares, or a recipe off the internet, or made it up as she went along.

      I've always been happy to have guest posters. I'm chasing one, on and off, for a highly technical discussion about GPS accuracy. Linda has done one already, and might surprise you all by doing another. So if you have an idea for a guest post, send it along. I am amiable.


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