Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm Nano-ing my brains out

I'm currently at just over 47,000 words, and some days I wonder if any of it makes sense. I'm fairly sure there is a story there, forming the link between Bone, and Elixir, but right now that actual bit of the story is about 10K words tops. The rest is sort of interesting stuff that helps set things up. I see now there is some sinister foreshadowing I like, but I haven't done anything with it yet.

But this is what Nanowrimo is all about, barfing the words out, not worrying if they're the perfect words. When you have something to start with, you can edit towards perfection. You cannot edit nothing.

There's been some interesting ideas along the way. I can see I can tweak some of both books because I had a better idea, if I can fit it all together. Which has made it a bit more of a struggle, in that I'm starting at a known place (figuring out exactly where was a bit of a trick, and I'm not sure I've got it right yet), and there is a known place to end at.

Still, my characters are a chatty bunch, up to all sorts of stuff. It's been fun. Curtis hates it though, he feels he's getting shorted on lap time. Right this moment he's glaring at me. And you, my faithful readers, I know you miss the blog when I haven't updated a bit. Right? Umm, guys, miss the blog? Hello?

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  1. My Nano efforts kind of derailed after 16,000 words. There just aren't enough hours in a day right now. But good on you for gettin' er done.


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