Sunday, November 30, 2014

Signed up

There. Did it again. It's sort of semi-fitting that the last race I DNF'd is now the next race I've signed up for.

I've always wanted to do a relay, and now is the time. It works out well for both of us. My swimming has always been the strongest of the 3 sports, and I was wanting to find out where I'd be if I didn't have to hold back for the bike. Michelle is a strong (you ultra-marathoner you!) runner, and is getting stronger on the bike. She wants to eventually do a half iron, but is just learning to swim. This way she can get some experience in the other 2 legs then add the swim later.

The swim lesson this morning was lots of fun. I like watching people swim and helping them with their stroke. Michelle had her waterproof camera, but we didn't do video in an organized way. Next time. It's such an important tool for improvement. It was weird to watch her taking the bit of video she did do (me doing a flip turn to amuse them), since I'm not used to working with waterproof cameras.

The rest of the day was really nice and relaxing, working on Dwen's World, as I'm thinking of it. I'm getting back into the other stories, and figuring out how the bits fit into the overall whole. There were snoring cats and it was difficult to stay awake at one point.

Other than washing wine bottles and tidying a bit downstairs, it's been pretty quiet. We ordered lots of kits, and I'm beginning to think about where to put some more racks. Right now we are using the IKEA wire racks that fit into the IVAR shelving. It works pretty well, but it's not the most efficient use of space.

I'd like something that packs the wine bottles more closely together. Having the wine sorted from oldest to newest would be nice, especially if I didn't have to shuffle bottles to make more space. I envision a giant racking mechanism that moves the wine bottles around to use up empty space, sort of like a hard drive de-fragging program.

Maybe I'll just have to design and build it myself. That could be a nice retirement project, and make me some money if I get it right.

Here's a sleepy kitty, grumpy at being disturbed.


  1. Thanks for making ALL of this even remotely possible Keith! Today was a great day starting with a nice swim with friends. Good luck in your training and thanks for the tips and encouragement.

  2. Good luck you two. I look forward to following along with Keith & Michelle's Excellent Adventure!

  3. Congratulations to you and Michelle for signing up as a team! I think you will have a wonderful time! I did indeed pull the trigger and I registered as well. I haven't done this race yet so I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl. Now that the swim isn't in Ghost Lake it seemed a bit more attractive!


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