Saturday, November 1, 2014

snippet 1

OK, I have to stop the first day's NaNoWriMo. Here's why. My left hand is essentially a prisoner.

It's been a good day, well over 10K words though about a third of that is a rewrite, so it went quick.  Here's a short raw snippet, hot off the press.

The conversation in the lunch room stopped as Dwen tangled herself up between the door jamb and the door she hadn’t quite finished opening. Then her pack straps caught on the knob as she twisted around. 

“Golly, Dwen,” Les said as he took two quick steps to rescue the dropping pack. “Not quite your usual graceful entrance. I trust your drive here was less eventful.”

“I don’t remember. I hope so.” She freed herself from the door and sat at the table with all the pagers. “Somebody tell me, where am I working tonight?”

“Do you see Ken anywhere? You get your choice,” Mitch said. “Just like last night.”

“Oh, ok. Where did I work last night? I’ll go there again.” She started pawing through the pagers.

“Your eyes look even worse than when you left this morning, and I didn’t think that was possible. Frankly, you look like hell. Didn’t you sleep at all?”

“Thanks Les, just what a girl wants to hear.” She squinted at a pager.

Les looked at Mitch. “Let’s send her to Primary, that way she can’t drive a truck into anything. I’ll go there as well and take care of the actual work. Is that ok with you?”

Mitch and Erik exchanged looks. “Sure, I’ll take care of Secondary,” Erik said. He plucked his pager from Dwen’s hands. 

“Ok Les, thanks for this,” Mitch said. “Tonight is one time I hope I find her asleep in a chair.”

“I’ll settle for asleep anywhere,” Les muttered. He fastened the operator 2 and 3 pagers to his belt as the crew headed out.

In other news, I'm taking a fitness break, and handing out candy. We had 80 kids, though one was a repeat. She came back to say hi to the supervisory cats. Here's the before and after bowls. Why yes, those are empty wine glasses in the background. Why do you ask?

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