Monday, May 19, 2014

The dandelion dominator

And there she is, hard at it, digging them out, imposing her will on the lawn, repressing guilty living creatures only trying to grow,  ruthlessly rooting them out and leaving them to wither in what little sun we have today. The heat of her merciless glare killed many others, and if the grass hadn't been so wet from the recent rain, the fire department might have show up purely has a precautionary measure. There was a whole green garbage bag of dandelions and other weeds before I went for a run, and she was still at when I got back.

In the meantime I was busy trying to get the garage at least somewhat organized. What with big cardboard boxes, the back yard renos, and some other stuff, the garage is full, and not with our car. Canadian garages usually need a big day of cleaning sometime in the spring anyways, just to dig all the crap out of them that have fallen off the car over the winter. This was just a pre-cleaning. A before and after pair of photos for you.

If it wasn't for the glass the car would have lots of room, and the glass will be gone soon. There's still a lot of junk lurking along the sides, but at least I can see the floor again.

Part of the task was to finish tearing apart the cedar lattice that used to be our back fence. It turns out that an IKEA box makes a surprisingly sturdy work bench. Who knew?

The firewood supply is much larger now, and much more neatly organized. The bonus out of it all is that I only got a couple slivers.

The tear apart was spread over 2 days. This was my view Sunday afternoon, just as I started wrapping up. I timed it pretty good, getting only a little damp putting the last bit of stuff back in the garage before the real rain hit.

A cat photo or two for your amusement. Celina is showing off her tawny spotted tummy.

Curtis savaging his string.

With all the activity outside, Celina has been working on her supervisory skills. The message is clear, I should get back to work, and stop fooling around with the camera.

Speaking of the cats going cold chicken on the food supply. The jury is out on how they feel about our home made food. Still looking for the actual recipe.

The run was pretty good today. About 4 K, about 28 minutes. I don't really believe the distance. The map is well off where I ran, so I won't publish it here. The pace graph is all over the place. Overall, my legs felt pretty good once I got going. They were very heavy at first. If anything my left calf and hamstrings were the unhappy bits, and my right knee and hip were fine.

Even knowing the half marathon in a couple of weeks is going to be an easy training run, my training has been shite this year. I can't remember the last time I ran that distance. So I'm a little spooked by it, and hope it all goes well.

Another 4 day weekend comes to a close. I got the garage back into almost civilized shape. I got some work done on the novel. I got a couple runs in. I had a very peaceful Saturday, doing little more than being a mostly horizontal space for cats. Two wine kits bottled, and another one started. All is good.

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