Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm such a tease

Nothing like a couple crews working in your back yard to make the day go by fast!

Fitness this week is short. Swam Tuesday, pretty good. No running. A quad/ham pummeling on Wed followed by a wonderful yoga class. The om's were the best ever. Did I mention no running? Even though it's totally gorgeous weather.

I was a bit of a tease yesterday tweeting a close up photo of the fence. Here's a better shot of the fence as seen at dawn this morning.

One of the flower boxes at the back of the house. They measured perfectly to have it fit just under the overhang.

This is where the back steps are going to go, done out of the same block.

The guys hard at it a few minutes ago. More fence being built, and working on the big flower bed. The fence between us and our neighbor is essentially done. He has been watching the crews like a hawk.

In other news my buddy Jeff helped me move the old sofa bed out of the media room. Amazing how much bigger it looks now! Now we can settle in nice and comfortable to watch a movie.

I was pretty sure there was something else I was going to mention, but it's gone. Oh yes, a rant about Facebook. Later. Don't be looking for a lot of Facebook activity from me. Not going to log in via mobile at all.

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  1. Your yard is looking great! Oh yeah, I heard FB will be listening in during status updates but it's off by default. Hope you are resting up and feeling a bit less stiff...


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