Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No thunderstorm after all

The weather forecast for today looked crappy, but I was determined to get out there. And whaddya know, it wasn't bad at all, and got nicer as the evening went on.

Estela is still in the shop, so I was to take the hybrid on some hills. I wasn't going to RtN. Going down is too scary since I'm afraid the bike is going to vibrate itself to pieces.  Picked the same hill out of Bebo Grove. Up and down a bunch of times. I'm learning bad habits. Several times I spun my feet right out of the toe clips and ended up getting a mild cramp in my left calf. Bailed a bit early for an hour total.

Stretched a bit, then a half hour of core. By then I was feeling like a weak and feeble reed, especially for plank.


  1. What is it about planks? Sometimes I feel SO solid, and others I crumble. Like a bisquit.

  2. Thank goodness for no thunderstorms, eh? Hope you get Estela back soon!

  3. You wrote 'going down' and 'vibrate' in the same sentence. How long before G pounces on that, do you think?

  4. I had a car that was like your vibrating bike...Hee-hee!!

    No thunderstorm -- yay! Now if the weather would just turn HOT and nice already!!!!

  5. Xenia has such a dirty mind.

    No wonder she vibrates when she goes down.

    With talent like that, she should have her own porn site.


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