Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My tree grew roots

Monday and Tuesday I was dragging my butt. For some reason I was getting crappy sleep. Tues was really bad, but at least I slept well and today was much better.

Lots of drill in the swim and some fast intervals. It's been feeling stronger and stronger lately. Even breathing 5 is getting to be normal. So much so that I forget sometimes during regular lengths. It was kind of fun watching Mr Outboard dodging a couple of really slow swimmers in his lane. I had a couple people that swam just about my speed depending on exactly what we were doing so all was good. 1 hr.

The short run started with very light rain, went to very heavy rain, and was back to light rain by the end. All in 50 minutes. I overdressed by one long sleeved tech shirt and was soaking inside and outside my rainshell. 1 min hard and 1 easy x 10 was the highlight. I tried to start easy on the hards and build on each one but as well all know, I suck at slow builds, and by about the middle I was getting up to the retaste zone so I backed off a bit. For a few of them I got the lean right and my legs picked up, and I felt like I was flying! That was easy on my legs and really hard on my lungs!

I was really excited during yoga, since my tree grew roots for the first time. Mostly my tree waves around like it's in a strong wind, but today it was strong and stable. My hands/branches waved lightly in the breeze, but the trunk was strong. It really makes a difference when you work the abs.

The race is coming up quick. There is a small pile of stuff accumulating beside the Zoot bag of many pockets. The big stress right now is Estela. She is still in the shop. The guy says they had a bit of trouble getting the SRAM parts needed, but how hard can it be? They have confirmed the parts will be in Thursday, and my bike is the first one on the list. I need to pick up some Gu, and maybe some tri shorts if I see something in basic black that I like. Any thoughts on the bib shorts? I know Darryl likes them. I'm not working Friday so I hope to get out for a quick ride to make sure everything is as it should be. It's a bit nervous making to be riding a bike fresh from the shop in a race. Maybe I should have planned better and got her into the shop earlier, but whodathunkit would take that long?


  1. Congrts on your well rooted tree. It's so weird to make progress in the yoga postures. They always say "leave your ego at the door" but my ego is the only thing pushing me to try new things...sheesh, yoga.

    Hope you get your girl back in time. I have no recommendations for bibs/shorts. Sorry.

  2. Ditto on the congrats about your tree pose!

    I always had the same worries when I had to ship my bike to a race and someone else put it together. But my thought is, it's in the hands of experts so hopefully it's even better than before. I think you'll be fine for the race. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Oh, and good job running in the heavy rain. That's no fun but you got through it.

  3. Hi!!!!!

    Did you miss me?! I missed you!!


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