Friday, June 25, 2010

Riding in the rain

Swim. Warmup. 2K as a main set. Happy with time. Canyon Meadows shower room nearly made me spew it smelled so gross. 1 hr

Rode Estela home from work for the first time. It was sort of fun plotting a route home, since there is a freeway and a river to cross which means major roads. For the people in Calgary that know the streets, through Vista Heights to 16th Ave, down Centre street, across 3rd ave, down 5th street to Elbow and down that to Anderson. Playing dodge'em with cars the whole way. Kind of fun accelerating off the lights and getting up to speed as fast as possible, and hanging on till the next lights. The bike computer says one hour flat, but the timer stops when the bike stops, so I think about an hour and 5 or 10 minutes max. Several times it's taken longer to drive home.

It's 2 or 3 K shorter than the bike path and about 20 minutes faster. The bike path doesn't have stoplights but you can't go near as fast. Elbow has that long reduced speed section so I was keeping up with traffic quite easily. The only problem was the construction on 5th street. There was a little bit of rain leaving the office and  a bit more rain downtown. Drafting another bike in the rain is not the smartest thing in the world. The rest of the ride was sunny and warm. Poor Estela is filthy now and needs a bath. Saturday.

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  1. The traffic and public transport (tube included) was soooo bad when we lived in London I could RUN hom faster than they could get me there - makes you feel good when you're own 2 legs (either bike or run) can beat the motorized stuff - haha!


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