Sunday, June 20, 2010

The rule today: no coasting below DAS

Today was another beautiful day for riding. The plan called for 3.5 hours on the bike. After a bit of dithering I decided to ride to Turner Valley. I figured I could get there and back in that time. If I was doing really well I'd carry on to Black Diamond. (I didn't take a banana just in case.)

Paid lots of attention to the sunscreen. I took two waters and two energy drinks. That seems a bit much, but I considered the idea I might go 4 hours if I was feeling strong, and the Alberta sun can be notoriously hot and dry. I'd rather carry the extra water and not need it, than not have it and be wanting a drink. There aren't many places to stop and buy water. Besides, carrying the extra weight is good training.

I was still a bit tired from yesterday and started off easy to get my legs going again. My rule for today was to pedal strong, or as strong as I could, keeping the rpm up, and no coasting unless I was going faster than my Desired Average Speed. For the record that happens to be 30 Kph today. By comparison, my actual average speed was 27.5 Kph. A year ago, when I was getting my face slapped by a banana peel in Black Diamond, my average speed on this route was 25 Kph. Then I was feeling and riding strong. Today was about hanging on, trying to be kind to my legs.

Down to 22X in about the usual time. Out to 22 in 45 minutes, which is about average these days. Not much wind. Down towards Turner Valley. Somewhere along there I realized I was going to do the 3.5 hrs, and not 4. I wasn't feeling bad, not by any means. I was really enjoying the ride. My legs weren't quite so happy, I have to say. Sure, they were going around pretty good, but they were tired. I was supposed to be up in zone three and there was no way. I still haven't totally figured out the run to bike zone conversion for me, but at best I was mid to upper zone 2 and my legs weren't going to go any faster.

Just coming into Turner Valley I checked my watch and milage. 45 K in 1.75 hrs. Black Diamond isn't much further but I turned around. Going back, even though the wind seemed a bit stronger in my face, the ride was a bit faster. For one thing, very shortly after turning around a guy caught up to me and we rode together almost to Millarville. That went quick. From there I was trying to ride very steady, gradually reeling in a guy in a bright yellow jersey. I caught him near the Rothney Observatory.

Coming around the curve back onto 22X I nearly whimpered. The wind was from the east, and fairly strong. I put my head down and pedaled. 2 guys passed and I thought about jumping into their draft but they were just a bit too fast. The two cops in the speed trap saw fast as I was riding by. No, not me, a bike and a muscle car doing something over 180Kph. They were on the radio to the chase car I'd seen a few miles back. They aren't going to like the ticket they'll get.

The ride seemed to take a long time along 22X, but it was going fast. Was passed by a guy on a top end Cervelo, and didn't even think about trying to keep up. Turning for home was sweet, and caught the lights at 37th St, which doesn't happen often. It's fun trying to corner at 40 Kph beside cars.

Drank 1.5 containers of energy drink, and about a half bottle of water, and ate one Clif's bar. This doesn't seem like much but it was all I wanted.

The run was supposed to be a half hour. The first 20 minutes were a shamble. My legs did not want to run, especially my left. It felt like I was dragging it around. About 20 minutes I finally found a run pace, and finished things off. It still wasn't fast, barely into zone 3, but I think I could have kept going for a while. Maybe. My legs had no trouble stopping, I assure you.

Downstairs and stretched. Feet in the air for a long time. Working my knees. They haven't bothered me much so far, but think about all the muscles that connect in and around the knees. All of them are sore, right in there.

BBQ lamb tonight.

3:20 hr ride
81 average rpm
91.2 K
3:24 transition
30 minute run.
119 average hr on bike
124 average hr on run

My day isn't done. There's still some core to do, thick with squats and plank and pushups. Uggg.


  1. I'm reading this as I sit here with my freshly made cup of coffee in Mike's new Tim Horton's coffee maker. Coffee instantly!!! SO awesome. :) :)

    Look at all the people you are catching up to this year! Your cycling has really improved, Keith. :) :)

  2. Good ride Keith! What a beautiful day finally.

  3. sounds like great improvement. :-)

    what do you normally like for recovery drinkies and foodies?

  4. Jeepers...that post really makes me want to get out on my bike! I have been outside ONCE all spring!! Eek! Been waiting for some nice weather...and now we have it so now I have no excuses...

  5. "...nearly whimpered." Does that take a lot for you? I mean, I'm not pointing fingers or anything. Hell, I rarely cry, thanks to my hard heart, but to "nearly whimper?" Hmmm....


    PS-When are we meeting in Vancouver for um, a cookie exchange?


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