Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T & W

Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking. Tits and Who-ha. I'll have you know I run a classy blog here and would never refer to bodily parts or fluids or anything the least not classy. Right???

Tuesday. I got home to severe thunderstorm warnings, a magnificent thunderhead just north of us, and crazy gusty winds. I bailed on my ride, but worked on core for a half hour. Yes, plank and pushups to failure, but lots of good stretches.

Wednesday. Great swim. Chatted with the girl who swims my speed and suggested we should be taking turns practicing drafting. Turns out she's doing GWN and IMC as well. Maybe I'll draft off her during the swim. Not quite an hour in the pool.

Got home and went face down in the bean dip. I've been struggling with sleep lately. I don't sleep well when it's hot and I'm really tired. Got up for yoga since it's the last one of the session and wanted to give my thanks to Fiona. She's really helped a lot.


  1. eeek! hey, its july. and the race is next month!

  2. Happy Canada Day!

    Took a national holiday for me to finally comment here.

  3. Sure. Dash my hopes of a dirty post. But you did use "head," "drafting," "face down" and other words that I could get happy and confused about.


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