Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving right along, nothing to read here today

Unless you want a detailed description of why I stayed home from work today. I'll understand if you go straight to the next blog.

Last you heard I picked up a runny nose. That process accelerated rapidly so that by bedtime my sinus were pounding and I couldn't lie down. I ended up trying to sleep in our media room sitting up. Not good. I've had my sick days, and I've never had my nose run like this.

I didn't even consider going in to work. After dropping Linda off I napped again. Did some stuff, dragging my ass around like a half slaughtered sheep. Napped more. Did some stuff. Then napped again. Amelia is a very happy cat. I've spent the entire day having a box of kleenex in reach at all times. I am very tired and achey.

Now my voice is getting husky, a sure sign it's going into my throat. While out doing errands I picked up more Echanicea, some Nyquil, and some Ibuprofen. At this very moment I'm actually warm verging on hot for the first time in several days even though I've been wearing a fuzzy sweatshirt and wool socks under my slippers. I'm hoping this is a good sign.

Even if I hadn't been sick I wouldn't be out for a ride. It looks like it's about to pour. Let's see how tomorrow goes.


  1. BUM! That's not good :( Get yourself all cozied up and you;ll be right as rain in no time - now there's a silly phrase......

  2. Ah, hope you get better soon.

  3. Feel better soon! Oh and congrats on your great race results!

  4. I highly recommend those nasal rinses. I picked one up the other day because I was having a bad allergy attack, and it's kinda gross, but it works! The one I got was NeilMed SinuFlo

  5. Yuck, hope you feel better soon. Funny line about the half slaughtered sheep.

  6. Ahhhh the sinus/phlegm cold. It hit me HARD the day of Shawnigan. NASTY BUSINESS. I found Sinutab worked very well for me. I had the sweats and the chills too. It's a nasty one, Keith -- hang in there buddy.

  7. I read every word. AND LOVED IT.

    Hope you feel better soon!


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