Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I lost my mind during the swim today

Totally. Completely. I admit I wasn't particularly awake, but even so. Me and Mz Backstroke shared a lane while I warmed up. I probably should have warmed up more. Today was a bunch of distance intervals, swum as most hard, a bit easy. Well holy crap. I got through the first one ok, and I'm sort of working hard, and two more people join the lane. These two are pretty considerate, but they swim slow. All of a sudden I'm trying to keep track of 3 other swimmers, and I lose track of which laps are hard and which are easy. So I go mostly hard till I get tired, then go easy till I can go hard again. I have a strong suspicion that if you put a stop watch on me you'd have been hard pressed to tell the difference.

Next was paddles and pull. More of the same, though I think I'm getting the hang of paddles. Still not my fave. Meanwhile I'm passing these girls at the ends and trying not to flip into them. I wish they'd make up their minds which way they're going to go. One was going left, saw me, started to the right, realized I'd already gone right, and totally panicked. I got some accidental sighting practice done trying to decide if I could pass.

Fins were fun. These intervals were short enough I could keep track. Total was a hair under an hour. It was a bit of a slog getting there, but I was more awake by about half way through.

I got home early enough to head out for an 80 minute run. It was so nice out! Maybe 18C (64F) so perfect running weather. No fancy stuff on the plan, so I ran north to Glenmore and west toward Weaselhead. Turned around at 40 minutes and made it back to my starting place about a dozen steps short on the tick.

Settled in at the cusp between zone 2 and 3, breathing easy, but mainly concentrating on running well, my posture, my cadence, keeping my arms moving, trying to glide forward with no vertical bounce, trying to run light on my feet, all that good stuff. Cadence was 84 each of the 4 times I checked it. Walked 5 to warm up, ran easy for 5 and gently eased into the pace I wanted. After the turnaround I tried to run stronger and pretended my coach was videoing me. I'm reasonably certain she could run backwards faster than I can run forwards and do so while operating a video camera, AND while shouting encouragement and advice. In case you hadn't guessed, I'm impressed with my coach.

It was so nice running through the poplar fluff. One place looked like snow there was so much of it. I was really enjoying the run. No idea how far I actually went, but I was very pleased I stayed strong and had a good stride throughout. I could have run much further at that pace. Ran easy the last 5 minutes and walked another 5, then stretched.

Hustled a bit to get some dinner and a shower before leaving for yoga. There was lots of good stuff there. I nearly fell asleep 3 times. Once in feet up the wall, once in the meditation part, and once during Savasana. My breathing was just going rattley each time and I knew if I let it I'd be snoring in a couple more breaths.


  1. I lose track of my laps on a track...not sure how I would ever keep track in a pool...

    Glad you're getting some nice weather

  2. If you lose your mind and it never comes back to you, was it ever really yours to begin with? Set it free and see what happens.

    There's a koan for you to chew on during your next yoga session.

    That should keep you awake.

    Or at least annoyed.

  3. Haha. Did you go looking for it or have you found it at home hiding under your favourite blanket.

    Ah, I always lose track of how many laps I have made when I swim or run. I don't care anymore.

    PS: I've got knifes and if i want some Culinaris has them too.

  4. to count laps i bring The Resa. she likes counting laps. oddly i count miles on the bike. we switch front to back each mile and thats my job. but in the pool she knows if we are on lap 17 or 18, or in a short pool if we are on lap 52 or 53.

    when i must do the lap counting myself i bring an extra pair of goggles out and set them at the end of the lane. i do four laps and then move them. at one pool there is a "No Diving 4ft." message. which is 12 characters. if you put the goggles on the next char each time and do 4 laps per move... you get a 2400meter swim... ( which only takes us about 3 hours )

    Namaste, or as i hear it "my mistake"

  5. I just started using fins and I love them. Add some speed and power intervals on with them and you can actually feel how crappy your form really is once you add speed.

    I have swam enough now that I can usually keep track of my lap count by time...hopefully.

  6. I hate the paddles too. Everytime I use them I realize how much my kick has to offer.

    You had a busy day of workouts-no wonder you almost ended up snoring in savasana. Now get some rest, would ya?!

  7. Embrace the challenges in passing, accelerating, siting, etc. All good practice for the IM swim. But I'm sure everyone's already told you that the IM swim is a cluster F%##ck and you're probably sick about hearing it.

    On the counting, have you ever tried counting every length? It works better for me, sure you have to remember a higher number, but the key is you won't be wondering as you swim away if it's your 6th or 7th lap(you know it has to be odds on the other side, evens swimming back).

  8. it would have been great if you did snore..


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