Friday, December 4, 2009

Swim. Run. Yoga. Snow!

It's been a busy morning. By 10:15 I'd swum, run, and yoga'd. Regular, not Bikram. Told the instructor the story about one of my blog buddies trying hot yoga for the first time in cheap pants and what with the cut and sweat, ending up showing off her fallopian tubes. She laughed and said different strokes for different people, and that some have needed some gentle advice about clothing.

When I started it was nice out, just above 0 C (32 F) clear skies, no wind. The nearly full moon was very pretty. At the pool I shared a fast lane with a guy that swam medium fast, and I was stuck on the wall half. Somehow he was always just in front, or just behind as I came to the wall, and I'm not quite that confident yet, to be able to flip turn with the ladder and another person right there. He left part way through so I did flip turns from then on. I'm learning that if you firmly look at your knees as you turn, you don't go as deep.

I was in the water at least 45 minutes for 2100 m. Maybe more; I didn't wear a watch. Lots of drill. Lots of easy/hard. Most importantly, lots of concentrating on catch and stroke and elbows up. At the end my arms felt like they were falling off for the first time in a long time. I am certainly swimming faster and it's really nice.

From there I drove home and realized I just had time to get my run in before leaving for yoga. Quick change. It's still nice out. It took a long time to find my stride. It still hadn't come at the half way point. I was running my 3.1 K loop, figuring that twice around would be pretty close to the planned 40 minutes. Holy doodle I was slow, 22:15 after the first lap. I picked it up a bit, mostly found a stride, and completed the run in 42:15. In the meantime the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped to the point I would have stopped to put on more clothes.

Quick shower and breakfast, then off to yoga. It was just starting to snow. There were some good stretches in yoga, one of which nearly killed my shoulders. They're feeling really tight after the swim. It was snowing pretty hard for the drive home. We figured to settle in for the rest of today, and all day tomorrow, so we picked up lots of DVDs. Rome season 2 episodes 1-4, Battlestar Galactica season 1 discs 1&2, 300, Termintor Salvation, The Maiden Heist, Inkheart, and The Tudors disc 1.  Think that will keep us out of mischief?

The snow and wind is making for near whiteout conditions, though it isn't terribly cold out. I'm so glad I hustled this morning and got it all done before the weather closed in. Linda is baking cookies, some of which have to go to work on Monday. I got a mental email from Susi this morning. They're having great weather, and she had no sympathy about the snow at all. I've been thinking about her and how she did in IM last weekend. I followed her time as best I could, but I've been look at her blog waiting for the whole story. Then I realized, given the choice between lying on the beach having attractive people bringing you fruity drinks with the little umbrellas, and updating a blog, which would I do? Easy choice, and the beach girls wouldn't even have to be topless.

Have a great weekend!


  1. But if you were lucky and popped in on Jenna one night in her garage, you just might find her topless....LOL!!!!

    I am so proud of you for doing all those flip turns, Keith -- I KNEW you had a monster flip-turner in you!!! Hee-hee!!

    Now that's a LOT of movies -- It will def. keep you out of trouble! :) :)

  2. hey hey - it isn't a regular thing!!!

  3. You did all that before 10:15??? So what do you do the rest of the day??? My god man spread out the pain a little!! LOL!!

    Very impresive keith!

    And just a little info for you...Jenna is usually topless on the bike in her garage....WOWZERS!

  4. liar!! and you would know how? HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN ON YOUR BIKE IN MY GARAGE IN A YEAR??? NO!!

  5. liar!! and you would know how? HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN ON YOUR BIKE IN MY GARAGE IN A YEAR??? NO!!


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