Monday, December 14, 2009

Short update.

Swim day. 100 m intervals. Three sets of them. Each with less rest between them. The second last one I essentially arrived at the departure time. Things were getting sloppy. I'm glad there wasn't more than what there was. Shoulders feeling better. Swam 1 hr, deep water running for 30 minutes.

Still cold here. The water had mist coming off it at the end closest to the patio door. Tomorrow should be nice, only -9 C (16 F), and Wed above zero! We'll be in shorts and T shirts here.


  1. Blimey, you're getting roasty toasty in cowtown - we're still at -18C this morning, though that's up from -26 yesterday!

    I'm guessing you ran without the float belt - showoff - hahahaha!

  2. Send some warm weather this way. It is dang cold out there today!!

  3. It's positively balmy here today!! I can't believe it! I'll be able to run outside today!! YAY!!!

    You'll never guess the new development at the Pincher pool. Due to the squawking of the aqua aerobic old ladies, the staff have RAISED the temperature of the pool. Keith -- it is like swimming in a bath tub. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!


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