Thursday, December 17, 2009

My basement smelled like a pool

My swim was scheduled for Friday, but fitting it into the schedule was looking a bit complex, so I moved it to Thursday. This was something new for me, 5 x 400m with 20 seconds rest for the first two, and 30 seconds rest for the next two, and different stuff happening for each 400. I was enjoying sharing the lane with a guy that didn't swim all that fast, but was putting a fair bit of power into it. During warm up, and I really was going slow, I blew past him. After that, every time I was coming up behind him he sped up, or tried to. Didn't matter, I passed him anyway. The last set was the fun one, 8 x 50 on 1 minute. These were all 53 seconds, except the last, which was 50 seconds. I was in the pool almost exactly an hour.

On the way home there was an interesting situation in front of the Safeway, where we turn right. This right turn is notorious for being slippery. It's very common to see tracks bouncing off the centre median, and sometimes even going across the point of the triangle that separates traffic going straight from that turning right. But this guy didn't even get that far around the corner. He somehow ended up high centered on the triangular median, right beside the pole for the signals. It's as if he had stopped normally at the lights, and a giant picked the car up and moved it to the right a car width and a half.

A bit later I got onto the bike, after some debate about shuffling around the rest of the workouts. In the end I decided that it was still best to do my run tomorrow, and get the regular stuff done today. The bike workout was a bit longer than usual. I may have done one whole set twice, rather than just a couple of elements of it. I was on the bike 2.25 hrs, feeling pretty strong throughout.

I went upstairs for a quick snack after the bike. When I came back downstairs it smelled like a pool. I guess I was sweating all the pool residue off my skin. Then 30 minutes of core, including some yoga stretches. Still trying to loosen up my shoulders. The left is way tighter than the right.

Just before supper time I got the pool sniffles really bad, to the point I'm almost totally stuffed up. That's the only downside to swimming.


  1. I got the pool sniffles right now...because I didn't go to swim at 5am today. Don't do today what you can put off til tomorrow, that's what I say. For the rest of 2009, anyway. Yep, pool time tomorrow. I hate when the chlorine just ooozes out like I never even showered.

  2. Talk about pool sniffles!! Man -- the same thing happened to me on Wednesday. It was so bad, Keith. I started sneezing again and again -- couldn't stop. My nose was itchy beyond belief and my eyes were a watery mess. I couldn't breathe at all through my nose -- even talking was difficult, because I had to stop talking to breathe!

    I called my Mom and begged her to bring me some meds. Too much hot pee in the pool, I think. LOL!!

  3. All I want for Christmas is a salt water treatment system for my local pools. Kilnarney was blissful. Sneezefree.

  4. pool workouts start for me in a few days... cant wait! :-)


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