Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First cold hard run

Here's what I saw for weather this morning. At 7am it was still -21 C (-6 F).

I was hoping to get out after the cold and before the snow. Missed on both. It was snowing when I got going just after noon, and still cold. I wore two pairs of tights, the infamous man-bra, long sleeve tech shirt, heavy hoody, wind breaker, hat and gloves. It turns out I dressed just a bit too warm, and should have opened the vents on my jacket. Oh, -11 C is 12 F, and I don't think it was that warm here. Felt like about -15 C (5 F) or so.

Walked 15 minutes briskly to warm up, the starting an easy run for 10 minutes at Anderson and 37th. Then 3x7 hard with 3 easy after each. Hard as in not able to talk. I got my heart rate up to 150 to 155 bpm, and past that I start gasping so I slowed down a bit. The run was excellent! Legs felt good and strong. Not terribly fast, but I've no real idea of speed. I made it to the path around the reservoir and got one minute along that before turning around. There was less fast time on the way back so I didn't get all the way back to my starting point. I'm glad there wasn't a fourth set. Ran easy another 10 minutes, heart rate around 130, then walked another 15 back home. They had plowed the path so footing was good. There are still a ton of residential streets that are essentially impassable.

I was soaking wet with sweat. There was a rim of frost around my hoody and hat. My moustashe and eyebrows were all frosted up. I could barely see out of my glasses. Stretched a bit at home.

Yoga had lots of good stretches tonight, though the Downward Dog during the sun salute nearly killed me. I simply don't understand how people can say Dog is a relaxing pose. My arms are trembling and a couple times I've nearly fallen on my face. Lots of lunges, and twists and a shoulder stand. Very nice. Now I'm happy to be going to bed.


  1. I don't think downward dog is relaxing either. And I would have killed to see your moustashe and eyebrows frosted up. Good work getting out there (on a very cold day, in my opinion).

  2. Downward dog isn't relaxing for me either BUT it does provide a wicked hammy stretch, so it's worth it in my opinion. :)

    It might actually be warm enough for me to run outside today...we'll see.

    A shoulder stand!!! Look at you!!! YAY!!!!

  3. Good for you for getting out there .. I would have dressed the same as you, brrr!
    You make yoga sound kinda fun, I might get into it!

  4. I have yet to run in the cold weather. So not looking forward. Good for you! Actually I have yet to do much this month...

  5. Is there some kind of yoga pose called "Spent Runner" or "Exhausted Athlete"? One where we can just kinda lay there and whimper piteously? 'Cause I'd be REALLY good at that one.

    Great job on getting out there despite the frigid temps!

  6. Thanks for the continued farehheit conversions, friend! 3 x 7 what? Sounds dreadful, whatever it was. Way to knock it out.

  7. We want pictures of frozen moustashe and eyebrows please! That's a sign that your giblets might just fall off. Be careful out there;)


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