Sunday, December 20, 2009

Running with the herd

Well, sort of running with the herd from spin class. The slower parts of the herd. In fact, the very slowest part other than me. This is with my heart rate up in Katie territory, and lungs about to explode out of my chest seeking air. Everybody else loping along going chatchatchat. Well, let's just say there's a bit of poetic license there, and you can guess where. I caught one guy only because he was running backwards, and I was barely up to it. Interestingly enough, my legs weren't having any problems at all, and could have run faster. The first half of the run was high 130's bpm, and the last half was low 150's. Almost made it to the bridge, and got back to the store with a big negative split. It was -10 C (14 F) in light snow, with ice underneath it in places. Fun for 30 minutes.

Spin was the usual fun times. Katie planned a CHRISTMASS workout, with each letter representing a different set. I can't remember what they were now. But they were 2 hours worth of fun. Core was the usual brutality, with me sitting out part of the plank. Did a bazillion pushups (really it was 42) all of them from my knees

Then comes the fun part. Now Shannon will really regret not coming to class. Chocolate chip and cranraisin muffins, something like Nanimo bars but crunch and with caramel, crackers and home made antipasto, chocolate dipped strawberries, and Manderin oranges. All very yummy. This was our last class of the season, we're off till the 10th. It was fun mingling and chatting, though you had to move quick to avoid having fingers taken off; the herd was hungry and determined to nibble.

And now, some random photos from the last little while. I finally plugged my camera into the computer. It's almost like when we had a film camera. We'd take the film in to get developed, and it would be no surprise to see photos I took a year ago.

This was during the major snowstorm we had. We've never had the front windows snowed up like this.

This was one evening. I'm not sure what made me look out the back window. I think this is a mama and 2 kids. I've seen them a number of times heading into the cul-de-sac behind us. I think one of my neighbours must have the remains of some yummy flowers that they are after. Here mama is checking out our back garden.

This is what Linda whipped up one day. The cinnamon pinwheels didn't last long. Neither did anything else. That's a cherry pie with a moose on top. What Linda calls quiche of the house, and a beef tenderloin stew with lots of goodies in it.

Linda says hi to a dear friend.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 6.0 hrs
Run 2.5 hrs
Walk 1.5 hrs
Core 3.25 hrs
Total 15.25 hrs


  1. First of all..your front window is to die for...nice!

    LOL about pushups from your knees. It's a "G" rated blog, so that's all I can say about that :-))

  2. Love the moose pie!! Looks so delicious -- as does the beef stew!!

    It was so great talking to you last night -- am heading to the pool right now. :) :) I am so excited to get in the pool every morning as it is one more day to improve. LOVE IT!!! :) :) :)

    By the way -- great work on keeping up with the herd! Who brings the wonderful treats all the time? What a class! :)

  3. Can Linda teach me to cook? Loved the pictures....the front window one is nuts.

    My computer broke so I haven't had access for a while.

    Hope you and Linda have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. I will be right up for dinner! Dang, that all looks so very tasty, to die for. That snow is making me cold just looking at it.

    Had some Canadian peeps sit by me at the last Titans football game. A whole crew of them came down for the game - thought of you and Ms. Susi! They were very fun. Love those northerners!!!

  5. ouch, brrrr, yum!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!

  6. the toes look FABULOUS dahling!! lol. food looks yummy too - linda is an amazing cook. which reminds me, i have to get the cookie recipe...

    did you put some food out for mama deer and the kids? did ya, did ya??? tee hee.

    don't worry about the pushups. doing them with the knees works a different part of your pecs - so still a workout. it's just the other way also works your core.

  7. That just might be the best pie EVER...Linda rocks.


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